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This  is  an area  of  unspoilt  natural  wilderness  where  little  has  changed  over  the  passing  years.   Walkers will discover high mountains, remote lochs, steep sided glens and tumbling burns.   Ancient mounth paths once used by cattle drovers, caterans and whisky  smugglers  cross  large  areas  of  upland  plateaux.   Rare alpine plants, large herds  of  red deer and birds such as golden eagle, buzzard, dotterel and ring ouzel can be seen.   There  is  a  remoteness and a solitude and an absence of people.   These are the Angus hills and glens steeped in history and little changed over the passing centuries. 


This site has been constructed for the benefit of those who enjoy the great outdoors and would like to find out what is available in the Angus hills and glens.   It is by no means a comprehensive guide to every walk but is meant to give a flavour of what is available.   Distances given are approximate and are for guidance only.   Walkers who venture out onto the hills should be aware that conditions can change rapidly and full hillwalking gear should always be carried.   If conditions are such that navigational skills are required and you are not confident in your navigational abilities then don't go!   If you are interested in any particular glen then click on the link to take you to that page.  

Because I have led groups in the Angus hills, and beyond, for many years, I have an intimate knowledge of the area and its history.   If you would like more detailed information on a particular area or a particular walk then e-mail me at

The reason why I maintain this site is because I have a great enthusiasm for the hills of Scotland, and the glens of Angus in particular, and would like other people to share in what I have enjoyed over many years.  

If you are involved with a group and would like a talk on "Tales from the Angus Glens" then please contact me by email at


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